Care Services

  • Assistance with the use of disposable protective underwear
    (Products not included)
  • Management of full incontinence
    (Products not included)
  • Cueing to use the restroom
  • Empty Commode
Assistance with dressing
  • Daily coordination of clothing and cueing to get dressed
  • Assistance with dressing and undressing
  • Assistance with stockings
  • Cueing for personal hygiene
  • Assistance with bathing weekly
  • Therapeutic Bath weekly
  • Therapeutic Bath a la carte
  • Management of personal hygiene (including weekly bathing)
  • Shaving for our male residents (Electric Razor)
Assistance to meals and activities
  • Cueing to meals and activities
  • Assistance during meals
  • Tray service
  • Daily Making of the bed
  • Weekly laundry of clothing (Detergent not included)
  • Additional cleaning of apartment weekly
  • Additional cleaning service a la carte
  • Cleaning of wheelchair a la carte
Other Assistance
  • Single person assistance with transfers and positioning
  • Assistance with oxygen therapy, colostomy and/or catheter care
    (Equipment / Products not included)
Surveillance Service
  • Surveillance every 2 hours around the clock
  • Surveillance every 2 hours night only
  • Surveillance every 4 hours around the clock
  • Surveillance every 4 hours night only
  • Emergency pendant or bracelet
Care services
  • One and half (1 ½) hour of care daily
  • Additional half (1/2) hour of care daily