This page contains answers to questions that are often asked by people exploring the idea of moving into the property. Please feel free to address any specific queries of this nature to us.
1.Will I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want? 
At Chateau Dollard, you have the same freedom as you would in a regular apartment building or house. After all, this is your home! There are no restrictions or curfews, and it is completely up to you whether you participate in organized activities. For security reasons, we do ask that you notify us if you plan to be away for any length of time. This gives you, and us, peace of mind.
2. Is the residence safe? Is there 24-hour security? 
Absolutely. Our residence offers very tight security, with controlled access and round-the-clock surveillance. Every unit has an emergency call system which will put you in immediate contact with one of our qualified employees at any time of the day or night. In addition to standard security features (sprinkler systems, etc.), we have additional amenities such as surveillance cameras, so you can sleep safe and sound, knowing that you are in excellent hands.
3. Is there an in-house doctor or nurse? 
A visiting physician is available to all residents if needed, however most people may prefer to use their own physicians. Staff is available during the day and qualified personnel are also available to dispense first aid and medication at all times. We take good care of our own.
4. Do I have to eat all my meals in the dining room? 
Unless you have opted for “tray service” from our a la carte care options, we prefer that you enjoy your three main meals in our comfortable dining room. This way, we can help you to make sure your nutritional needs are being met. All suites are equipped with a fridge, however, so you can keep snacks and light refreshments close at hand.
5. Are the meals varied? What if I feel like having a snack? 
Our dining staff prepares several different complete meals every day, along with a selection of individual “à la carte” items. The choices vary according to the season and market availability. Regardless, all meals are freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced and delicious. And if you feel like a little something between meals, you can pick from a vast selection of snack foods in our Bistro. Bon appétit!
6. What services are offered in the building and nearby?
Chateau Dollard boasts a wide range of services and amenities. On site, you will find most of the necessities, including  a hair salon, library, general store, housekeeping and religious services. Chateau Dollard also offers complimentary transportation for excursions, shopping trips and other organized outings. And given that our residence is conveniently located, you will be in close proximity to most of the services you need, including: public transit, places of worship, medical centres, pharmacies, banks, cleaners, travel agencies and a multitude of other businesses. You’ll be right in the heart of everything!
7. What happens if I start to have serious health problems? Will I have to move? 
If your condition is temporary, the decision is up to you, based on the type of care or treatment you need and the advice of your physician. However, you should bear in mind, that although we do offer some assisting living services, should your condition become chronic and require extensive long-term care, it may become necessary and preferable to find an establishment whose staff and equipment better suit your needs.
8. Are there organized activities? What kind? 
Chateau Dollard has an array of social, cultural and sports activities based on the preferences expressed by its residents. In general, there are outings to live shows, residents’ tournaments (lawn bowling, etc.), trips and leisure activities such as choir/musical groups, reading clubs, and arts & crafts workshops. And you can even suggest and make arrangements for other interests close to your own heart. Whenever possible, Chateau Dollard’s management will support your initiatives. Be sure to ask for more information.
9. Can my family come for a visit? 
You can visit with your family at any time in your suite or in one of our common rooms. Chateau Dollard also offers reception rooms and private dining rooms for family dinners and reunions, or friendly get-togethers involving larger groups. Guest suites are also available for out-of town visitors.
10. What kind of people will I be living with? 
You will find yourself among an interesting, active group of people who share your values and whose experience and outlook are similar to your own. At Chateau Dollard we become a fertile ground for new and rewarding friendships. And you’ll be surrounded by a devoted, caring and qualified staff whose cheerful nature and attentiveness to your needs will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated. You will definitely fit right in!