New at Chateau Dollard Parkinson's unit

Partnering with the Parkinson Quebec we are developing a specialized unit geared to assist those persons suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Our unit offers 24 hour nursing and care givers 7 days per week.

Our goal is to be proactive in the ongoing training of all our professionals:

  • to understand the many different symptoms, these vary from person to person with Parkinson's disease;
  • to provide specialized health care through proper administration of medications;
  • to offer non-medical solutions to help stay functional and active by developing specific exercise programs tailored to personal abilities and other health concerns of the individual; and
  • to build learning based memory exercises to help keep the memory sharp and active.

We also take special care of their nutrition which also plays an important role in the Parkinson's health plan.

Let us take care of you so you can experience a warm and caring environment. You will feel secure that help is never far away.